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Seneca, South Carolina is located in Oconee County, in the extreme northwestern part of the state. Seneca is situated on the shores of Lake Keowee, an 18,500 acre man-made lake which is home to many beautiful lake homes, vacation homes and a great number of recreational activities.

Education has always featured strongly in Seneca. The first school built in Seneca was in 1889. The school was known as the Seneca Institute and was a primary and secondary school for African American Students at a time when no other secondary school for blacks was available in the area. In 1926, the school became the Seneca Junior College.

Clemson University is also just six miles away, in the town of Clemson. Southern Wesleyan University is a mere seven miles away in Central, S.C. Other universities less than an hour’s drive from Seneca include Furman University, Anderson University, Bob Jones University, North Greenville University, Erskine College as well as two two-year technical schools.

History is also important to the residents of Seneca. The Seneca Historic District contains a number of historic homes, businesses and churches, including twenty one commercial buildings known as the Ram Cat Alley. The name came from the number of cats who used to wait outside of the local meat market there. Much of Seneca’s original development was tied to the textile industry. Because of this, there is also a historic textile mill village in Seneca known as the Newry Historic District.

Seneca is also home to two well-known politicians. John Edwards, former senator and Vice Presidential candidate was born in Seneca. One of South Carolina’s presently serving Senators, United States Senator Lindsey Graham, is currently a resident of Seneca.